Latest Dividends Declared

DividendAnnouncedPaidValue per shareGBP amount
Fourth Interim Dividend23/6/202229/7/20223.0p6,879,974.34
Third Interim Dividend17/2/202225/3/20223.0p6,879,974.34
Second Interim Dividend25/11/202131/12/20213.0p6,879,974.34
First Interim Dividend5/8/202110/9/20213.0p6,879,974.34
Fourth Interim Dividend24/6/202130/7/20213.0p6,879,974.34
Third Interim Dividend19/2/202126/3/20213.0p6,879,974.34
Second Interim Dividend27/11/20206/1/20213.0p6,879,974.34
First Interim Dividend6/8/202011/9/20203.0p6,879,974.34
Fourth Interim Dividend15/5/202030/7/20203.0p6,879,974.34
Third Interim Dividend21/2/202027/3/20203.0p6,879,974.34
Second Interim Dividend29/11/20193/1/20203.0p6,282,363.00
First Interim Dividend8/8/20196/9/20193.0p5,976,109.00
Fourth Interim Dividend25/6/201926/7/20193.0p5,976,109.00
Third Interim Dividend22/2/201929/3/20193.0p4,599,638.46
Second Interim Dividend30/11/20184/1/20193.0p4,599,638.46
First Interim Dividend9/8/201814/9/20183.0p4,181,489.52
Fourth Interim Dividend15/6/201820/7/20183.0p4,181,489.52
Third Interim Dividend20/2/201823/3/20183.0p4,181,489.52
Second Interim Dividend1/12/20175/1/20183.0p3,813,226.02
First Interim Dividend10/8/201722/9/20173.0p3,078,226.00
Fourth Interim Dividend16/6/201721/7/20173.0p2,650,953.00

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Dividend Policy

Subject to the applicable requirements and restrictions contained in the Companies Law, the Company may consider making interim dividend payments to Shareholders, having regard to the net income remaining after the potential reinvestment of cash or other uses of income, at a level the Directors deem appropriate, in their sole discretion, from time to time.

There is no fixed date on which it is expected that dividends will be paid to Shareholders. The Directors intend that the Company pays dividends to Shareholders when it is able and appropriate to do so. It is the intention of the Company to continue to pay a stable quarterly dividend with the potential for additional payments if investment returns permit.